Distributor in India Distributor in India who to partner / at what terms / with what targets. Finding ‘the’ right partner is a science which is based upon a fact-based evaluation & selection. The one who fits into a company’s value system, one who is willing & capable to sell & has a clear business plan Know More Indian Market Analysis Indian Market Analysis why / where / when / how – to enter. Know your market well before entering. Don’t be new to Indian market but enter a few levels up, saving crucial time & resources, vis-à-vis your competitors Know More Incubation Support Incubation Support Test Indian waters with least investment ‘You sell we manage’ – don’t worry about the local operations and focus upon sales & strategic inputs. We allow access to the Indian business environment with no liability of the new entrant Know More Indian Consumers Indian Consumers which product / what price / which channel to choose Largely, Indian consumers are price sensitive and do not shy away from switching easily to a low-price product, leaving us with a small proportion of population, though large in numbers, to tap on, who keep quality over price. Know More Export Market for Indian Entities Export Market for Indian Entities export market / which product / what price / how to start? Until now globalization was more inward than outward for Indian corporate. Only few of the selected big players can think of entering any foreign market. We believe in ‘Global – as a new Local’ ..... Know More
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